Top Satellite Internet Providers

We made a list of the best and the most reliable satellite internet today. You will never regret reading this article first before subscribing to satellite internet.

✔ Last updated: 2023-01-23

We researched every satellite internet provider’s website and read their contracts thoroughly to find out what is included in their plans and in their terms and conditions. Find out which satellite internet provider provides excellent and fast internet service.


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100+ Ratings

✔ Off-peak data (2 AM to 8 AM local time)
✔ Monitor your data usage
✔ Purchase additional data (1 GB increments for $10)
✔ Email
✔ Internet Plus

100+ Ratings

✔ Free email services
✔ Track data usage
✔ Buy priority data
✔ Hibernation/ vacation plan
✔ Free zone –surf without affective data usage

100+ Ratings

✔ Track data usage
✔ Phone services
✔ TV
✔ Free email
✔ Buy priority data
✔ Free zone
✔ Hibernation plan

100+ Ratings

✔ Data token
✔ Bonus Zone (2 am to 8 am)
✔ Email
✔ Vacation plan
✔ Data-saving Features

Satellite Internet: An Ultimate Guide

If you are from a place where you only have a few internet options, you might want to consider satellite internet.

Satellite internet is a wireless connection that uses three satellite dishes. The first one is at the internet service provider’s hub, the second one is in the space, and the third one is attached to your property. Aside from the satellite dish, you would also need a modem and cables that run to and from the dish to your modem.

Once everything is connected correctly, the internet service provider will send the internet signal to the dish in space which then relays it to you.

Why Should I Use Satellite Internet?

The one and the only reason why you might want to use a satellite internet are if you live in an isolated area where other internet options like cable, broadband or DSL is not available. If you are on a dialup, then satellite internet can be considered as an upgrade because satellite internet is considerably faster.


1. Satellite internet is faster than dialup. It will depend on what kind of package you buy, but you can expect satellite internet speeds to be 10 to 35 times faster than dialup.
2. Satellite internet can handle a high number of connections as well as a high bandwidth. This means that your connection speed should not be affected by many other users also using the network.
3. Phone lines are not required for satellite internet.


1. The weather can affect the signal path. Expect poor quality internet during bad wind and rainstorms.
2. High ping rate.
3. Your signal can be affected by minor obstructions. Your dish needs to point south, and anything in the way of your dish signals like branches or buildings can affect the quality of your internet.
4. You can’t use VPNs. VPNs require low latency and high bandwidth setup which satellite internet does not have.
5. Satellite internet can be expensive. You will have to pay around $100 each month for speeds up to 2 Mbps.

Final Thoughts

It may seem that the cons outweigh the pros, but if you find yourself living in a remote area where there’s no better option for internet, then you should really consider getting satellite internet because it is your best option.